A Platform of Love, Care, Knowledge
  The National Veterinary Hospital located in Taichung was founded by CEO Dr,DJ Chen along with a professional team of doctors when he returned from Banfield Animal Medical Center in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A in 1989. The hospital is rated by Pfizer, one of the Top 3 pharmaceutical companies in the U.S., as the first and the best veterinary practice in Taiwan. The hospital is built on humanity, internationality, and modernity and it is exactly this spirit of humanity and innovation that drives the hospital to constantly integrate the latest technologies and management expertise for the ultimate goal of establishing a medical and caring network without borders for pets. We are members of the following organizations .
*World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA)
*American Animal of Feline Practitioners (AAFF)
*International Veterinary Ear, Nose, and Throat Association (IVENTA)
*Cornell Feline Health Center
*American Heartworm Society
*Canadian Animal Rehabilitation Association
*Veterinary Information Network (VIN)
*National Association of Veterinary Techhcians in America (NAVIA)
  To expand the scope of service and enhance medical care quality, besides welcoming chain stores and collaboration with pet wholesale stores, we are also proactively engaged in academic exchanges with professors from vet schools in Taiwan and cooperating with them in providing doctors with in-service training programs.  
Our wotto is “Treating Your Pet Like Ours”, which is also the basis of our service quality. Meanwhile, we have established the 24-hour intensive care units in northern and central Taiwan, which become optimal referral options for other hospitals. In July 2008 the Cat Hospital was established to differentiate medical care provided to different kinds of pets for quality assurance. Through wide spread locations and constantly learning medical teams, it is our hope that pet owners can have access to our hospital at any time for medical care of the latest technology to meet their needs.